At The Vine we value the opportunity to give financially to the work of the ministry and for the benefit of the wider community. It’s is encouraged by scripture and considered an integral part of our worship.

If you would like to participate by contributing financially to the work here at The Vine you can contribute by direct credit to:

The Vine Church Commonwealth bank (Branch: 064132. Account no. 10079031).


The Vine church does not exist for its own sake. It exists for the purpose of displaying the grace of God to all people and especially to the people in our own city and to people who are trouble and/or disadvantaged. Grace is expressed through active service toward others, whether with our time, our resources or our skills.

Giving to those in need is a universal act of consideration and decency. It is all the more impacting however, when giving becomes a primary response rather than a reactive act. Sustained giving will impact well beyond emergency giving as good as the latter is. For example supporting an underprivileged family over several years can help break poverty cycles.

Supporting a mentoring program over time can help a young person rebuild trust. Sponsoring a person undergoing a year long rehabilitation program often impacts their family of origin as well.

The Vine is a not for profit organisation. If you or your organisation would like to be enquire about being a financial partner with us you please contact us 3209 4943 or you contribute by direct credit to The Vine Church Commonwealth bank (Branch: 064132. Account no. 10079031).